Meet The Team

All of us at Zheanoblog try to make sure that when you look at your phone, you are mesmerized, and it leaves you pondering over the beauty of the wallpapers. This is a result of constant hard work by the team without whom it couldn’t be possible.

So, meet the Zheanoblog:


Žan Černe

Let me introduce myself. My name is Žan Černe. I’m 18 years old designer from Slovenia. I love gaming, taking photos and playing my guitars. I also love Android and own a Nexus 6p. I’m usually designing wallpapers, widgets and icons. Our wallpapers are used in many different apps over the Google Play and I’m really proud of that! I founded Zheano Blog in 2015 and this is its first relaunch.


Past team members:

Imraan Virani

My name is Imraan Virani. I’m 22 yrs old designer and artist from India. My hobbies are Cinematography , Photography and Filmmaking. I own Mi A1 with stock android. I have an OCD for minimalism and setup of my home screen and wallpaper, so I always tweak and make wallpapers according to my phone and constantly change the layout of the screen from widgets to wallpapers. It’s lovely to be a part of the Zheano blog hope to put a smile on your face with our wallpapers.

Tycho Regter

My name is Tycho, I’m 18 years old and I’m enthusiastic about everything Android, Google, software and tech related also I like to take pictures and building amateurish websites and apps. I also love trying out new apps, roms, mods and phones. I’m currently running a OnePlus 5T with stock, rooted, OxygenOS.

Aadi Bajpai

Aadi is a 16 years old coder and designer. He likes to laze and makes programs which help him spend more times lazing. He loves to keep up with the latest updates on technology and hates writing about himself in the third person.


This blog is not possible without your love and support, so thank you for loving our wallpapers and your support.
Keep supporting us both with your heart and your donations we hope to keep raising the bar.
Thank You.
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