Jvoda – Wallpaper

This week I didn’t have much time so I created some really simple wallpapers for you. Basically, I edited some photos from Unsplash. Since Unsplash allows you to use their pictures I used three photos from the platform. If you want to get them unedited make sure to click here. I hope you like those new refreshing backgrounds. […]

Style Music – Wallpapers

Just another week! This post and wallpapers are sponsored by Style Music. Style Music is a material designed music app for your android device. It’s one of the best music players I used in a while. If you like to listen to music, this app might be for you! Developers are really active and they update the app […]

APL – Wallpapers

Two new Apple Event Wallpapers! Wow. This Apple event was so exciding! Since you are waiting for new iPhone you can try new Apple inspired wallpapers! Make sure to download them for free from the link below! Have a nice day! Download here: https://goo.gl/pN6Ajm Download here: https://goo.gl/pN6Ajm Exclusive Content This is new exclusive content for Apl wallpapers! There are two new […]

Wtry – Wallpapers

Here we have it! Four new wallpapers as a weekly post! I can’t wait to see your reaction. I tried to make something more material but on the other hand very minimalistic and clean. There are four different colourful variants that you can download for free! New black and white variants are coming soon as an exclusive update! […]

Apple Event – Wallpaper

This is Apple Event Invite wallpaper with my touch… It’s nothing special and I know it looks different than original Apple Event Invite. I put some of my own touch on it so it looks better as a wallpaper! I hope you like it since it’s really simple. This is also this ‘wallpaper’ for the weekend! Yes, weekly […]

Uria – Wallpapers

Here you have it! Weekly wallpapers are finally here. I’m sorry that I didn’t upload them during the weekend but I had so much work with other projects. Make sure to check them both out on the link below! I don’t have much to say since I would like to get back to work lol… Have a nice […]

Ecliptus – Wallpapers

And I’m back, almost… I can’t wait for August 21st! It’s time for Android O, what’s going to its name? I bet on Oreo but I’m not sure… I also made some Oreo featured wallpapers but you must click the download link to see them. I’m super happy for my app called Arch Walls. It’s doing really well and […]

WSW: Zheano Labs

As you probably already know my first app is on the way to the official release. The thing is that if you want to publish your app on the Google Play Store you need to pay 25$ fee. I would like you to help me out with small donations. I worked really hard on this new app and […]

WSW: Adopt – Wallpapers

It’s Thursday that means another day of Wallpaper Summer Week! So two new wallpapers are here for you! They are really simple and clean. Make sure to download them by clicking the link below! Thank you for your awesome support! Since it’s Wallpaper Summer Week you have an option to share your work and might get featured on […]

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