Griddle Icon Pack

I love using my Android phone; however, from time to time, the stock experience seems a bit boring. For this problem, there are many icon packs that you can try to solve this issue. One such icon pack is Griddle, brand new icon pack available to download from the Google Play Store. In this quick review, I’m going […]

Relevo Icon Pack Review

There are tons of excellent icon pack in the Google Play Store, but only a few are so good than Relevo. Relevo is a new icon pack design by amazing Kevin Aguilar. He is a pretty recognizable name in the Android design community. He is well-known for his greatly designed icons. Kevin Is An Experienced Designer One of […]

Endel App Review

Introduction Endel is a subscription based music app that creates personally generated sounds. It doesn’t sound (no pun intended ?️) exciting, but it’s something I never thought I would like. I’ve started using Endel in the second semester, a few months ago. I mostly use Endel while studying and using public transportation. Sometimes it even helps me to […]

Rootless Launcher – Lovely Apps

I have owned smartphones with Android since Samsung Galaxy Ace back in 2011. I was a child back then, and I didn’t know what Android was or what is going to become. Today, people are deciding between two leading smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS. I think they both serve its own purpose on the market. I don’t […]

Digital Wellbeing – Lovely Apps

It’s an Android Pie thing, something that your phone might never get. Google introduced Digital Wellbeing at Google IO 2018. Their vision was immaculate, to help out with the usage of our mobile devices and services. With the official release of Android Pie, Google put out the first version of Digital Wellbeing for everyone who wants to test […]

SD Maid – Lovely Apps

I’m not a big fan of so-called cleaning apps for Android. Most of the people who own them have some awful apps that do more harm than good. Apps like Clean Master and other with the same functionality are probably one of many reasons why I don’t like Android being so open. A while ago I tried Clean […]