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We launched Zheano Blog’s Profiles feature. Since it might sound a bit confusing at first I would like to explain it. This new feature allows people to create their own profile here on Zheano Blog. Having a Zheano Blog profile gives your a bunch new things to try it out. Creating an account is simple and totally free. There is an exclusive content and more features for registered users. Exclusive content, for now, is fairly limited but it’s definitely going to grow in the following weeks.

Don’t get me wrong, exclusive content is additional content and has nothing to do with weekly wallpapers or any other weekly designs. It also won’t interfere Zheano Blog’s user experience. Being a registered user also won’t hide ads (at least for now). From time to time some download links or posts could get locked for non-registered users so I can grow my user base faster.


As registered user you will get:

  • 1-hour download exclusive for weekly wallpapers (non-registered users can download wallpapers 1 hour later)
  • exclusive additional content (this is additional content, usually post update)
  • exclusive posts (some of the posts are going to be for registered users only)
  • Special monthly mail
  • more


As registered user you won’t get:

  • ads removed
  • ability to post your own posts
  • new features (regarding site and plugins updates) earlier


In the following weeks, I’m going to focus on three really important things. I’m going to try to execute this goal in the best way possible. I know that one of the most important things is a community, people who visit Zheano Blog to get some nice wallpapers. Yesterday I already launched new profile feature and exclusive content that will hopefully help grow the community and make a better connection between me and you! I know that having a choice is really nice especially if you are personalizing your smartphone. That’s why I have been for the past few weeks posting up to four different colorful variants and keep updating the post to the community needs. I would like to improve that with request mechanism. That feature is coming in the following weeks. Probably one of the most uninteresting things is security but here at Zheano Blog we are taking privacy very serious. Since we launched a new feature called Profiles we know that protecting your data is an important task. Our plugins are always regularly updated and our site has a secure https protocol that encrypts your data. In the following weeks, we want to grow, personalized and protect!


Register now since it’s totally free.

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