Giveaway: Hidden Gifts

This is a different kind of type of a giveaway but I can say it for sure that so many of you are going to like it! Even though it says that this is a giveaway in my opinions this is more of a game! Firstly, I need to say a big thank you to Patryk Goworowski, creator of Cornie and Noizy Icon Pack, for sponsoring this giveaway! I need to tell you that you should check out his work if you like quality products and good value for your money! I already mentioned that this is no ordinary giveaway and more of a game, so let me explain. Patryk gave me 5 promo codes for Cornie Icon Pack. Since Zheano Blog have a lot of posts and other ”secret” things I decided to hide those 5 promo codes somewhere on Zheano Blog. Now I’ll give you some tips for where to look at but you will need to spend some of your time on Zheano Blog.  If you are a regular visitor and a big fan you won’t have many troubles looking around at Zheano Blog but for the new one here are some tips where to look at.

Promo Codes can be:

  • on top or bottom of the posts
  • as a comment
  • on pages (Donate, About me…)
  • in footer
  • as a random popup message
  • on our social media (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Instagram)
  • for registered users only (one promo code is going to be shown only to registered users)
  • in the mail (weekly or additional mail) (registered users are already part of our mailing list other can registered here)
  • as a reply comment (one of the comments will receive an auto reply with a code so start commenting)
  • as a gift to random fans on social media (Google +, Twitter)
  • as a popup message after clicking on ads
  • more

Believe me, I’ve tried my best to hide promo codes all over the place. Make sure to check out Zheano Blog multiple times per day since that will give you more chance. Don’t forget to check out all of the posts and pages that you know of since you never know where you will find them. Some promo codes are time-related so they will only appear on specific time so make sure to keep checking Zheano Blog!

Since promo codes can also come as a random gift I would suggest sharing Zheano Blog to your Google Plus profile. Tag me in for more chance!


When you find promo code make sure to redeem it as soon as possible since you are not the only one searching for it. Once you redeem it to make sure to email me so I can remove the code. If you find already redeemed code also report that to me so I can remove it from that spot. Contact email: [email protected]

Promo Codes currently available: 1/5

Big thanks again to Patryk Goworowski for sponsoring this giveaway! Make sure that if you can’t find promo codes that you purchase at least one of his icon packs!

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I’m going to also Tweeting some tips on where to find promo codes so make sure to follow me there!