Zheano Blog is a community of thousands of people. Our small team is working hard to improve our service and make some awesome products that our users will be grateful for. We are hungry for new ideas and thoughtful about our future. If you aren’t afraid of failure and you want a great adventure than this is your place to start. Click the link below and apply for a job that you would like to do. If you apply, you need to know that we don’t hire people to told them what to do, we hire people so they can tell us what should we do.

You need to have different skills, mostly we need people who have something to bring to the community. We love content creators, from designers to marketers. Whatever you do and might seems interesting, let us know since you could be a crucial part of this team! Ps. this is more of a side project and bring little to no money but you will definitely gain some experience and meet some new people!

Well, if you are interested, write me an email: [email protected]