My iPad Experience

I’ve decided to buy an iPad in the first weeks of August. My main point for buying it was that I’ve learned how hard it is to study from a desktop computer. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using a “real” computer as a student, but the most significant differences between a computer and an iPad is […]

Apple Website Wallpaper

I decided to create a quick post before the Apple Event. There isn’t much to say about it; however, Apple’s website is officially “down” because of the event. I decided to create a wallpaper out of it.  Download here: AMOLED Yes, this wallpaper is optimized for AMOLED displays. If your smartphone has an AMOLED display, we highly […]

APL – Wallpapers

Two new Apple Event Wallpapers! Wow. This Apple event was so exciding! Since you are waiting for new iPhone you can try new Apple inspired wallpapers! Make sure to download them for free from the link below! Have a nice day! Download here: Download here: Exclusive Content This is new exclusive content for Apl wallpapers! There are two new […]