EvoWizz – Community Guys

If you are reading 9to5Google, you might don’t even notice the contributors to the articles on that site. Well, EvoWizz is probably one of the most well-known contributors on 9to5Google with its amazing talent in development and problem-solving. He is definitely a fascinating human being to interview on Community Guys. I met him a while back on Google […]

SD Maid – Lovely Apps

I’m not a big fan of so-called cleaning apps for Android. Most of the people who own them have some awful apps that do more harm than good. Apps like Clean Master and other with the same functionality are probably one of many reasons why I don’t like Android being so open. A while ago I tried Clean […]

LA: 5217 – Start Here

Welcome back to Lovely Apps, reasonably new section on Zheano Blog. Since I have a lot of exams, I wanted to put my attention on apps that helped me while studying to stay focused. In the past few weeks, I tried a lot of apps like Todoist to help me organized my life but one app I found […]