Ria – Wallpapers

It’s been a while, right? Well, the Galaxy S9 event is over and some of you really like those wallpapers. I’m glad I made an extra post since a lot of people were interested in them, you can still check it out here. Well, for this week I take a suggestion from my follower on Google Plus. He […]

Mapapers – Wallpapers

It’s weekend and that means new wallpapers! First, I need to thank Matteo Lobello, developer of Mapapers – wallpaper app, who allow me to use some of his wallpapers. If you want full wallpapers to make sure to check out this app, it’s available on the Google Play Store. So I created four new wallpapers for you. Two […]

Reas – Wallpapers

Hey everyone! I’ve created new wallpapers for this week and they really look super clean. I’m trying my best to listen to what community wants but sometimes is just so hard. It would be amazing if you can tell me what kind of wallpapers would you like to see next. For me, it’s really important to create new […]

Broke – Wallpapers

It’s been an awesome week full of hard work and a lot of happy users. I’m really glad that so many people liked last week’s wallpapers. I’m going to do my best to keep you guys happy, I really appreciate your support! I really like when I see your setups with my wallpapers, so keep them coming! Make […]

APL – Wallpapers

Two new Apple Event Wallpapers! Wow. This Apple event was so exciding! Since you are waiting for new iPhone you can try new Apple inspired wallpapers! Make sure to download them for free from the link below! Have a nice day! Download here: https://goo.gl/pN6Ajm Download here: https://goo.gl/pN6Ajm Exclusive Content This is new exclusive content for Apl wallpapers! There are two new […]

Wtry – Wallpapers

Here we have it! Four new wallpapers as a weekly post! I can’t wait to see your reaction. I tried to make something more material but on the other hand very minimalistic and clean. There are four different colourful variants that you can download for free! New black and white variants are coming soon as an exclusive update! […]

WSW: Adopt – Wallpapers

It’s Thursday that means another day of Wallpaper Summer Week! So two new wallpapers are here for you! They are really simple and clean. Make sure to download them by clicking the link below! Thank you for your awesome support! Since it’s Wallpaper Summer Week you have an option to share your work and might get featured on […]

Weleno – Wallpaper

I’m sure many of you really enjoyed this wallpaper. It’s very simple and clean but also have some really nice elements that I really enjoy. It’s texture is awesome and it makes “soft” finish background. I really like it! For now there is only blue colourful variant because I fell like material blue is people’s favorite colour. It […]