Quand – Wallpapers

Quand is new kind of wallpapers that I’m currently making. This new minimalistic look that I’m working on for the past week. I’m a big fan of this simple looking wallpapers. Let me know in comments below what do you think about them. I’m going to update this post with some new colors in the following days, comment […]

Poly – Wallpapers

Here you have it. Four new flat wallpapers are available for everyone! You can download them all in full resolution by clicking the link below. More exclusive content is coming soon. Make sure to register as soon as possible so you will get the exclusive content as soon as it comes out! It’s really great to see so […]

Jeta – Wallpapers

These wallpapers are a collaboration with Lumiq Creative and his new icon pack that’s coming soon called Stardust Icon Pack. That icon pack is currently is in alpha state so not everyone will be able to check it out right now. Once this icon pack is going to be available for the public I will share it on […]

Eros – Wallpapers

Another week, that means new wallpapers! I’ve made two new colorful variants for everyone to try out. More colors are coming soon as post updates so make sure to check out this post sometime next week! I hope you like this flat style of wallpapers. Please comment below what do you think about them and what would you […]

Hira – Wallpapers

So for this week’s wallpapers, I again try to create something really simple and clean. I decided to take some elements from Broke – Wallpapers and create this new version of them. There are four colors available at the moment and four more coming as an exclusive update! Make sure to keep an eye on this post during […]

Reas – Wallpapers

Hey everyone! I’ve created new wallpapers for this week and they really look super clean. I’m trying my best to listen to what community wants but sometimes is just so hard. It would be amazing if you can tell me what kind of wallpapers would you like to see next. For me, it’s really important to create new […]

Rosa – Wallpapers

New week which means new wallpapers! I’ve been working on those wallpapers for past couple of days and they really seem like nice wallpapers. I’m sure not everyone is going to be a fan of them but I’m sure some of you will enjoy it! I can’t wait to see what do you think so make sure to […]

Neuro – Wallpapers

So new weekly wallpapers are here! You can download 4 different colorful variants for free. More colorful variants are coming as updates next week! Make sure to suggest what colors would you like to see in comments below. If you have any other good idea for a wallpaper also comment below since I would really like to design […]

2017 – Wallpapers

It’s been a great year. Happy new year to everyone! I’ve learned so many new things, meet a lot of amazing people and done some awesome projects. I’m really grateful for where I am in my life but there are a few things I want to change. In 2018 I would like to create more content, be more […]