Mex – Wallpapers

Another week, new wallpapers. For so long so many people wanted some AMOLED wallpapers, so here I’m to deliver what you want. I’ve designed four adorable looking wallpapers that you can download and use them as a wallpaper on your smartphones. I will update the post with more exclusive wallpapers if you guys are going to be interested. […]

IO2018 – Wallpapers

Google I/O 2018 just ended. I really enjoyed the products and features that Google represented. I can’t wait to see AI in more products! Well, today I designed this really simple wallpaper, I found the illustration here and I made this wallpaper from it. I will update it soon with more colors, make sure to comment below what […]

Eros – Wallpapers

Another week, that means new wallpapers! I’ve made two new colorful variants for everyone to try out. More colors are coming soon as post updates so make sure to check out this post sometime next week! I hope you like this flat style of wallpapers. Please comment below what do you think about them and what would you […]

Hira – Wallpapers

So for this week’s wallpapers, I again try to create something really simple and clean. I decided to take some elements from Broke – Wallpapers and create this new version of them. There are four colors available at the moment and four more coming as an exclusive update! Make sure to keep an eye on this post during […]

Mapapers – Wallpapers

It’s weekend and that means new wallpapers! First, I need to thank Matteo Lobello, developer of Mapapers – wallpaper app, who allow me to use some of his wallpapers. If you want full wallpapers to make sure to check out this app, it’s available on the Google Play Store. So I created four new wallpapers for you. Two […]

Broke – Wallpapers

It’s been an awesome week full of hard work and a lot of happy users. I’m really glad that so many people liked last week’s wallpapers. I’m going to do my best to keep you guys happy, I really appreciate your support! I really like when I see your setups with my wallpapers, so keep them coming! Make […]

X – Wallpapers

I’m sure most of the people reading and using my wallpapers are Android users but since iPhone X is out I thought it would be nice to create some “Apple Inspired” wallpapers. Of course, you can use those wallpapers on your Android device. Make sure to download both wallpapers from the link below. I will try to update […]

Halloween – Wallpapers

Happy Holidays for those who celebrate it! I had so much great time creating those wallpapers and I hope you like them! I’m sure it will give your phone a special holiday vibe that we all like. I will try to update this and some other posts with new wallpapers this week. So keep your eyes open on […]

Greno – Wallpapers

There are four new wallpapers available for you! You can see two of them below as previews but make sure to check all four of them by clicking the below. Amoled lovers are really going to enjoy that amoled version of it. There’s also flat background wallpaper for those who are not big fans of gradients… I hope […]

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