Ria – Wallpapers

It’s been a while, right? Well, the Galaxy S9 event is over and some of you really like those wallpapers. I’m glad I made an extra post since a lot of people were interested in them, you can still check it out here. Well, for this week I take a suggestion from my follower on Google Plus. He […]

Jeta – Wallpapers

These wallpapers are a collaboration with Lumiq Creative and his new icon pack that’s coming soon called Stardust Icon Pack. That icon pack is currently is in alpha state so not everyone will be able to check it out right now. Once this icon pack is going to be available for the public I will share it on […]

Epikas – Wallpapers

I’ve been very busy for the past two weeks, that’s why I bearly posted anything on my social media but also didn’t design any new wallpapers. In that long period, I’ve also got my phone (Nexus 6P) back from repair. I hope you are all doing great. In the past two days, I’ve been working on those two […]

Wtry – Wallpapers

Here we have it! Four new wallpapers as a weekly post! I can’t wait to see your reaction. I tried to make something more material but on the other hand very minimalistic and clean. There are four different colourful variants that you can download for free! New black and white variants are coming soon as an exclusive update! […]

Rust – Wallpapers

I’m back at home! It was a blast being on 14-day holiday at the seaside. I’m going to work a bit harder this week so you may expect more exclusive content updates. Today’s wallpapers are really something simple and different than usual. I’m really happy to see so many people coming to my website and downloading my wallpapers. […]

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