Iros – Wallpaper

I’m really satisfied with this week’s wallpapers and I’m finally really happy with the wallpapers that I’m designing. Well, you have probably already registered but if you haven’t make sure you do here. If you create your own profile you get plenty of benefits, learn more about exclusive content and what else you get here. One of the […]

Adopta – Wallpaper

For this weekend’s wallpaper, I worked really hard. Since one of the coolest looking icon packs called Curvy icon pack which is based on Google’s adoptive icon scheme I created 4 wallpapers that will match with this icon pack. Creator of Curvy icon pack is also my friend so those wallpapers might be also available in his icon […]

Sware – Wallpapers

One of my favorite things about designing wallpapers must me the colorful variants. I know that sometimes I run out of time and I don’t include a lot of colorful variants. Since I have more time for designing wallpapers I can also include more colorful variants. I think that’s really awesome and posting a wallpaper once every 3-7 […]

Yager – Wallpaper

Let’s relaunch Zheano Blog! I was working on so many different projects. I also joined two awesome startups. I gained a lot of different knowledge and experience. I can’t wait to start posting new wallpapers here on Zheano Blog. I will publish a new post once a week. I can’t wait to see what do you think about […]

Mote – Wallpapers

It’s calm Wednesday, no it’s not. There is no such a thing as a calm Wednesday. There was so many things going on in school and I have so much to do for some other projects that I can’t see my self out of work. And at the end of the day I also need  to study a […]