WWDC 18 – Wallpapers

Some super minimal and straightforward wallpapers to get you ready for WWDC 2018! I hope you enjoy them since they look simple but the black variant might be excellent for AMOLED devices. I don’t know how many of you here are going to watch WWDC keynote but if you want to get ready for it makes sure to […]

Kosta – Wallpapers

For this week’s wallpapers, I decided to design something simple and clean. There are four different colorful variants available to download from the link below. I’m going to make more variants later next week, make sure to leave the comment about what kind of colors would you like to see. I hope you like this simple wallpaper, some […]

WSW: Materialo – Wallpapers

Yes, it’s the second day of Wallpaper Summer Week! As I promised I will post new wallpapers every day from Monday to Friday on WSW, here you have new wallpapers. So many people wanted Amoled Wallpapers for so long and today is the time that I deliver them! They are super simple, without any textures. I don’t want […]

Gredo – Wallpapers

Another week, new wallpapers. Maybe you have heard that I have been working on Zheano Blog 3.0. Well currently I have so many things going on that I hardly have any time left for it but I’m trying to make it happen. So this week’s wallpapers are really simple and clean. That’s because I didn’t have enough time to […]

Minn – Wallpaper

I totally didn’t have time to post a new wallpaper previews weekend since I was in Ibiza. Well if you want to learn more about that island make sure to Google it. By the way, it was really awesome, windy and hot! I really enjoyed it! While I was there I took 500 photos. Most of them are […]