Vita – Wallpapers

Minimalistic wallpapers that look great with almost every setup is my primal goal. It’s not easy to achieve every time, but in this case, I think I did a good job. I’ve designed four new wallpapers for your smartphone. You can try and download all wallpapers for free from the link below. Wallpapers are in excellent resolution, and […]

HowToMen – Community Guys

This is the first episode of Community Guys, a new series here on Zheano Blog. With Community Guys, we want to bring some of the most well-known people from the Android community closer to you. We would like you to meet some great content creators, designers, developers and other influencers that are doing great work in their area. […]

Sunny – Wallpapers

For this weeks wallpaper, I decided to design something simple. There are four colorful variants that I made, but I would love to hear the feedback, so make sure to comment what kind of colors would you like to see in an update. I hope that you will enjoy this wallpapers, but any type of feedback would be […]

Neuro – Wallpapers

So new weekly wallpapers are here! You can download 4 different colorful variants for free. More colorful variants are coming as updates next week! Make sure to suggest what colors would you like to see in comments below. If you have any other good idea for a wallpaper also comment below since I would really like to design […]

2017 – Wallpapers

It’s been a great year. Happy new year to everyone! I’ve learned so many new things, meet a lot of amazing people and done some awesome projects. I’m really grateful for where I am in my life but there are a few things I want to change. In 2018 I would like to create more content, be more […]

Liguo – Wallpaper

For this week’s project, I wanted to make something a bit different. Well, there are 4 different colorful wallpapers that you can download from the link below. They are all in really good quality so it can take some time to download them. It was really easy to make them but I’m not really satisfied with the results. […]

Neno – Wallpaper

Well, Neno is one of the newest wallpapers before I relaunch my blog. So no, this isn’t a new wallpaper but I’m sure many of you will remember it and start using it again. It’s probably my favorite most simplistic wallpaper. But right now you probably have a question why I didn’t post anything last week. Well, I […]

Pound – Wallpapers

I’m sorry for a late post. I was really busy with different things this week. I have different tasks and jobs to do so I hope you understand. Well, I also need to tell you that I’m not really happy with today’s wallpaper since it’s too simple and easy. But I’m sure some of you might like it and […]

Yager – Wallpaper

Let’s relaunch Zheano Blog! I was working on so many different projects. I also joined two awesome startups. I gained a lot of different knowledge and experience. I can’t wait to start posting new wallpapers here on Zheano Blog. I will publish a new post once a week. I can’t wait to see what do you think about […]

Smas – Wallpaper

I’ve been really busy for last few weeks that’s why I didn’t post a lot. I will try to post more complex wallpapers soon. I’m working on different site projects that takes most of my free time. Besides that I’m also spending my time for school and other activities. Simple wallpaper There are four different wallpapers that you […]