Foggy Wallpaper

If you’re interested in the location, this was shot in Păltiniș, a mountain resort in Transylvania, Romania. The sights were breathtaking, and I couldn’t get enough of the view from the hotel’s room, which is the spot I took this picture from. It was a truly remarkable experience that I still remember vividly today, even after two years.

Jvoda – Wallpaper

This week I didn’t have much time so I created some really simple wallpapers for you. Basically, I edited some photos from Unsplash. Since Unsplash allows you to use their pictures I used three photos from the platform. If you want to get them unedited make sure to click here. I hope you like those new refreshing backgrounds. […]

Roma – Wallpaper

I’ve been in Rome and some other Italian cities last 4 days. It was really nice and I’ve learned a lot about Italian history and culture. I can’t wait to go back to Italy since food and landscapes there are just amazing! Well since I didn’t have time to design new wallpapers I use this photo that I took […]