KAAIP Adaptive Icon Pack

When it comes to icon pack developers, I try to be as supported as I can since I know how much hard work and talent goes into making one. This is a review of KAAIP, a brand new icon pack designed by 221 Pixels. Earlier this year we saw Relevo icon pack from them that I also wrote […]

Rootless Launcher – Lovely Apps

I have owned smartphones with Android since Samsung Galaxy Ace back in 2011. I was a child back then, and I didn’t know what Android was or what is going to become. Today, people are deciding between two leading smartphone operating systems, Android and iOS. I think they both serve its own purpose on the market. I don’t […]

SD Maid – Lovely Apps

I’m not a big fan of so-called cleaning apps for Android. Most of the people who own them have some awful apps that do more harm than good. Apps like Clean Master and other with the same functionality are probably one of many reasons why I don’t like Android being so open. A while ago I tried Clean […]

LA: 5217 – Start Here

Welcome back to Lovely Apps, reasonably new section on Zheano Blog. Since I have a lot of exams, I wanted to put my attention on apps that helped me while studying to stay focused. In the past few weeks, I tried a lot of apps like Todoist to help me organized my life but one app I found […]