Freshy – Wallpapers

I’ve designed two new wallpaper. Wallpapers look clean and fresh so make sure to check them out! Set one of those wallpapers on your smartphone and prepare yourself for summer! I’m going to update this post with new variants later next week! Make sure to keep an eye on Zheano Blog since more content is coming soon! Don’t […]

WWDC 18 – Wallpapers

Some super minimal and straightforward wallpapers to get you ready for WWDC 2018! I hope you enjoy them since they look simple but the black variant might be excellent for AMOLED devices. I don’t know how many of you here are going to watch WWDC keynote but if you want to get ready for it makes sure to […]

Sunny – Wallpapers

For this weeks wallpaper, I decided to design something simple. There are four colorful variants that I made, but I would love to hear the feedback, so make sure to comment what kind of colors would you like to see in an update. I hope that you will enjoy this wallpapers, but any type of feedback would be […]

Tosa – Wallpapers

I’ve asked you on Twitter about what kind of wallpapers would you like to see? Well, answers were very different and you can check that tweet here. So I’ve created four new really simple wallpapers for you. I want to add more colors in the future so make sure to comment below what kind of colors would you […]

IO2018 – Wallpapers

Google I/O 2018 just ended. I really enjoyed the products and features that Google represented. I can’t wait to see AI in more products! Well, today I designed this really simple wallpaper, I found the illustration here and I made this wallpaper from it. I will update it soon with more colors, make sure to comment below what […]

Kosta – Wallpapers

For this week’s wallpapers, I decided to design something simple and clean. There are four different colorful variants available to download from the link below. I’m going to make more variants later next week, make sure to leave the comment about what kind of colors would you like to see. I hope you like this simple wallpaper, some […]

Doda – Wallpapers

Five really awesome wallpapers! I designed really simple and clean wallpapers. I hope you can find your favorite version below, if not, make sure to comment what colorful versions should I do for an exclusive update! If you like this type of wallpapers, make sure to share them with your friends and family. I really like making wallpapers […]

Quand – Wallpapers

Quand is new kind of wallpapers that I’m currently making. This new minimalistic look that I’m working on for the past week. I’m a big fan of this simple looking wallpapers. Let me know in comments below what do you think about them. I’m going to update this post with some new colors in the following days, comment […]