Suni Wallpapers

When we design wallpapers, we always want to bring the best experience to our readers. Suni isn’t just the best experience; it’s a story that tells itself every time you look at it. It is incredible what the right color combination and simple lines can do to your well being. Suni is a next generation of wallpapers and let me explain why.

Emoji – Wallpapers

This is a unique collaboration with Radek Błędowski. He is a well-known guy in the Android community, and I’m almost sure you’ve heard for him. A few weeks ago I saw this tweet with that lovely emojis he designed. Because of that post, I can proudly announce this remarkable collaboration. There are 8 wallpapers that you can pick […]

Christmas – Wallpapers

It’s a holiday-inspired wallpaper! I’m really happy how everything is going. I will try my best to start updating weekly wallpapers for registered users. For now, everything is going to stay as it is. I will try my best to create dope wallpapers for your phone since that’s something I really like doing! I hope you have a […]

Wallpaper Summer Week

Yes, you read it right. It’s a Wallpaper Summer Week! This is going to be a hub for Zheano Blog community! I will update this post every day with different content. You will get new wallpapers, new variants, new widgets from me and community, setups etc. Everyone can participate! If you have a widget, setup, wallpaper you want […]