Mex – Wallpapers

Another week, new wallpapers. For so long so many people wanted some AMOLED wallpapers, so here I’m to deliver what you want. I’ve designed four adorable looking wallpapers that you can download and use them as a wallpaper on your smartphones. I will update the post with more exclusive wallpapers if you guys are going to be interested. […]

WSW: Materialo – Wallpapers

Yes, it’s the second day of Wallpaper Summer Week! As I promised I will post new wallpapers every day from Monday to Friday on WSW, here you have new wallpapers. So many people wanted Amoled Wallpapers for so long and today is the time that I deliver them! They are super simple, without any textures. I don’t want […]

Fin – Wallpaper

It’s been a hot and not so productive week. I’m still on ‘holidays’ by the seaside here in Croatia. It’s very nice here but super hot. The biggest problem of being unproductive is a bad internet connection. It’s awful and most of the time doesn’t even work. When it does, it’s super slow and unreliable. I know that […]