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Not all wallpapers are for everyone; these wallpapers are for neon lovers! Today I’m presenting you new wallpapers that have been in testing for quite some time. Here are Aroma Wallpapers, designed with ❤️ for you! These are the first wallpapers in a while that are mostly meant for computers and tablets. However, you can use them on your smartphone as well. 

Four Colors

Yes, there are four colors that you can pick from. You can download all of them in 4K resolution. They’re also great for all kinds of AMOLED displays since they have some deep dark. You can pick from pink, blue, orange and teal. They all look great; however, I’m a big fan of a pink variant. Let me know which is your favorite color in the comments below. 

Download here:

What about the smartphone version?

No, there’s currently no plan to add smartphone versions. 

Download here:

Well, you can already use these wallpapers on your smartphone. However, you can rotate current wallpapers and get that 4K beauty fit your screen orientation. Make sure to try this trick and let me know how it looks.

True Dark Version

Currently, there are four colors; however, we’re adding True Dark version with the next Zheano Letter coming October 23rd. Make sure to subscribe for free to get this and more exclusive wallpapers.

Everyone who is already subscribed to Zheano Letter will receive the next letter on October 23rd. Make sure to keep an eye on Twitter, since we will remind you when it’s out.


Well, thank you all for your support. We would love to see your setups using these wallpapers. Make sure to post your setups on social media, but don’t forget to tag us. You can also leave your setup in the comments below. Don’t forget to tell us what do you think, feedback is always appreciated. 

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