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Digital Artist Creates Better Pixel 5 Renders Than Google

Google is a massive corporation with tens of thousands of employees, but they leave the most critical design decisions to their interns, it seems. You’re probably aware of how identical, and unintuitive new icons for Google apps look. You might remember material design, Google’s own design language, that they stopped following a while ago. 

Meet Gio Gargiulo, a digital artist that is mostly known for his fantastic photography and videography work. Many companies, including One Plus, have commissioned him. You can also see his retouching work with many MKBHD’s thumbnails.  

He is excellent at what he does, and it shows in his work. Just take a look at his website; every single photo is just perfect. In this article, I want to showcase his latest Google Pixel 5 work. It’s just amazing and eye-candy for any tech enthusiast. Now you know how much better Google advertising could be. 

I also want to mention that I have nothing against interns; I’m an intern myself. We’re an essential part of every company, but it’s crucial to have a professional oversight to make the right decisions. 

To every young person: you see how good can some people be, and some people make that personal. Gio has years of professional experience, and it’s only reasonable that you might not be nearly as good on your first, second, tenth try. Keep creating!

Tumbnail credit: Gio Gargiulo

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