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I can start by saying a warm welcome to this new section of the blog. The idea for Zheano Blog Hub began to develop probably more than a year ago, and since I tried many different experiments to make it a reality. First, it was just a thought that I want to share something more than only my wallpapers and so I started now really well-known sections called Lovely Apps and Community People. I always enjoyed watching What’s On my Smartphone videos on YouTube, so around a year ago, I started testing this idea of sharing other people’s content on a static page. Later a few people join to help with the testing, but I never make it public, it just wasn’t ready. However today, Zheano Blog has an official section called Hub, and I can’t wait what the future holds.

What’s kind of content can you expect?

Since this is the first post, I would like to explain a little bit more about what content you can expect. This section of the blog is dedicated to my recommendations about different things that I experienced and liked. Here I will mostly write about content that I think is worth consuming. I will also talk about my favourite apps, games and services that I think are worth checking out. From time to time, I might even share some Android setups from the community. I’m sure some of you will enjoy this section, and I’m thrilled to have you here.

This Is Uncomfortable – Podcast

This Is Uncomfortable is a fantastic podcast I discovered a while ago. It’s relatively new, so there aren’t a lot of episodes, but new ones are coming every week. This podcast is mostly about money and how people are dealing with. It is a great listen to everyone who enjoys listening to the podcasts. Every episode is a well-produced, and you can hear the passion that the producer puts into every episode. This Is Uncomfortable is about unanticipated ways money affects relationships and other aspects of life. If you want to try this new podcast, I’m sure you will like it. Give it a listen on your favourite podcasting platform.

Why “stories” took over Instagram, Snapchat & more – YouTube Video

I’m not a big fan of the stories, but I’ve used them form time to time, especially on Instagram. I’m a long-time subscriber of TechAltar, and he is making some great content. If you are interested in the more business side of technology than you should check out his YouTube channel. I’m sure that in the future I will recommend more of his videos.

New Icon Pack By 221 Pixels Is Coming Out Soon

Not really a recommendation since the icon pack is not available however I’m a big fan of what I have seen so far. There are a few tweets on 221 Pixels twitter profile. If you are into icon packs, make sure to prepare yourself since the icon pack is probably going to be available in early August. If you want to see, all previews that are currently available, make sure to head over to the 221 Pixels Twitter profile.


I think this is it for the first Zheano Blog Hub. I hope you enjoyed it and found something useful. I’m going to give more recommendations in the next edition of Zheano Blog Hub probably later next week. Make sure to comment below what do you think about this first Hub article and what recommendation did you like the most. I hope you have a fantastic day and see you soon. Ps. new wallpapers are coming soon, so make sure to turn on browser notifications, so you don’t miss them.

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