First Case Of Pixel 5 Screen Issue

Upcoming problems for Google’s new Pixel lineup on the horizon

  • first report on the Pixel 5 screen issue
  • the blinking is caused by software bug
  • first customers who ordered the latest Pixel are now receiving the product, so more issues might emerge in the future

Pixel 5 is a new phone by Google currently being shipped to the first customers. In the following weeks, we can expect more and more issues pop-up as more people get the device. A Twitter user, Nick Nice, is one of the first customers that publicly disclosed his issue with Pixel 5.

The issue could be just an single manufacturing problem, or it might be an overall lineup problem that could affect more Pixel 5 devices. We will have to wait, but as if you already ordered your Pixel 5, you probably don’t need to cancel your order since you have a one year warranty.

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There’s also a Reddit post about this issue where you can learn more about. It’s a bug that could be fixed with a software update.

Updated: It’s software bug, fixed by factory reset.

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