Kevin Aguilar And His Newest Icon Pack

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Welcome back to Community People, a section on Zheano Blog where I interview different content creators, developers, and designers from the community. Today I’m happy to have the pleasure to interview Kevin Aguilar.

I think I met Kevin on Google Plus, and I have known him for a long time. He is the creator of 221 Pixels, where you can find his older icon pack called KAIP. But today he is going to answer some questions regarding his newest icon pack called Relevo. Relevo is available on the Google Play Store, and I encourage you to check it out. This icon pack is full of well-designed icons that will make your home screen fell like home. Here are Kevin’s answers to my questions.

Ok Kevin, let’s start. For the two people who don’t know you, what do you do?

Well, I’ve been designing icons for a while now… I started with KAIP and then moved to designing product icons for developers and UI/UX design as a freelancer and published other icon packs while I was doing that… Right now, I still work as a freelancer every now and then, and I’m getting back into the icon pack world.

Your newest icon pack called Relevo is available on the Google Play store. Tell us more about the inspiration for it?

For this icon pack, my friend Eduardo Pratti had the initial idea, and then we tweaked it together, and I ended up working the icon pack… The main idea was about uniformity, so that with a set of colors you could make the icons show depth and pop-up on your homescreen.

People should check out Relevo but for those who didn’t already what the main design features of this icon pack are?

Well, uniformity and neon colors are the main features. The icons are created using outlines and they use accent colors and high contrasts to create a sense of depth that makes them truly unique.

I’m sure we will see setups with your newest icon pack. You have an iPhone, so how does your setup look like and what was the philosophy behind it?

I always like to keep my setups fairly clean and with icons easy to reach. I’ve had a 3 icon dock since my Nexus 6P days and it always houses the same 3 apps: PocketCasts, Spotify and Todoist which are, of course my most used apps.

Can you tell us more about what building Relevo was like?

Testing and building the icon pack was pretty simple to be honest, and one of the main reasons why I got back into making icon packs again.

My friend Anthony Nguyen (creator of Quantum Dots) came up with a service called myAP Express. myAp Express takes care of everything, so I just focus on creating the icons and the icon pack dashboard gets built for me and the updates get made without me having to touch Android Studio or code anything, which honestly is the main reason why I got back into making icon packs.

Designing has always been my favourite part, but Android Studio and the updates always made it hard and boring but now I can work on the thing I like and leave the rest with myAp Express and make work easier on me

You’ve made over 600 icons for Relevo icon pack. Which one is your personal favorite?

The icon pack right now has over 600 apps themed, there are many to come and I’ve worked a lot on each icon… That being said, I think the Google Keep icon is one of my personal favorites.

You are the founder of 221 Pixels. What can we expect from it in the future?

Regarding icon packs you can definitely expect Relevo to be updated fast, now that myAp express makes it so easy and I only have to focus on the icons.

If people really like Relevo and we have another idea we might be seeing a new icon pack in the near future, but for now the main focus is on maintaining Relevo and doing Product Icons and UI/UX design work. I really hope people love Relevo! There’s a lot of time and effort invested in every icon and I think it shows, but I want to see what people think 🙂

Any feedback is well received of course and you can send it via Twitter to @221pxls or directly to me, and don’t forget to request your icons!


Kevin is an awesome guy, and he worked hard for his latest icon pack. I’m glad I have the opportunity to give him some questions about his icon pack. Kevin, thank you again for taking the time to answer the questions. Make sure to check out Relevo on the Google Play Store.

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