Lawnchair – Wallpaper

Lawnchair is a really awesome and customizable launcher available for Android. So, for this week’s wallpapers, I made two Lawnchair inspired walls. You can check them out and download them for free, just click on the link below. I’ve made two colorful variants. If you guys like them, I’m going to create some more. I’ve been speaking to Till Kottmann, one of the founders of the Lawnchair app. He really likes those wallpapers I made and that makes me happy! If you have any suggestions for other colorful variants make sure to comment below. Don’t forget to check out some more posts here on Zheano Blog.

Download here:

Download here:

Exclusive Content

This is an exclusive content for a Lawnchair wallpaper. I’ve added another colorful variant that I thought some of you might like. If you have any other suggestions make sure to comment below. Hope you like it and let me know what do you want to see next. Have a nice day!


Download here:

Download here: Link isn’t available for visitors. Register for free and get download link right now!


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