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Madex – Wallpaper

Today is another day. I’m a little bit disappointed about yesterday’s event but oh well. I can’t wait for 7.1 even tho Nexus devices won’t get special Pixle features…


I really like this wallpapers. There are a lot of different colorful variants you can pick from. I really like most of them since they are super minimal and simple. Also I did add some soft shadow and I hope you like it.

Download it

Make sure to check them out! To download them all in your favorite variants make sure to click the link below. Make sure to comment below what do you want to see next since I might post some new wallpapers soon! Also share this post to your favorite social media! Have a nice day!


Download here: https://goo.gl/w8yQdC


Download here: https://goo.gl/w8yQdC


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11 comments on “Madex – Wallpaper

Love these walls. One of favorites of material design. And i agree with you on the big google pixel announcement day. The devices look nice, the new on tap like assistant just doesn’t do anything for me. 1 thing they are finally doing right that Apple has done forever is the free unlimited storage. They needed to do this about 5 years ago though. Too late for me, all my stuff is high in the Apple Cloud. Would still would have loved to see a removable sd card slot, Pixel is too pricey to make me leave my iphone. Still have my nexus 7 to play with though…

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