Madex – Wallpaper

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11 Responses

  1. Enyel Paulino says:

    Great wall! What are the icons?

  2. thebear says:

    Love these walls. One of favorites of material design. And i agree with you on the big google pixel announcement day. The devices look nice, the new on tap like assistant just doesn’t do anything for me. 1 thing they are finally doing right that Apple has done forever is the free unlimited storage. They needed to do this about 5 years ago though. Too late for me, all my stuff is high in the Apple Cloud. Would still would have loved to see a removable sd card slot, Pixel is too pricey to make me leave my iphone. Still have my nexus 7 to play with though…

  3. Enyel Paulino says:

    I love thiiiiiis 😍

  4. Vicky Ryūtarō says:

    Aw, so cool! Excellent. 👌

  5. Hernik Cube says:

    These are The best wallpapers!

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