Material Designed Banners

It’s a day for something new. Before I start explaining everything, I need to say that Justin worked a lot on this to happen! So yeah thank you Justin for your support!

A lot of things are new

So I have designed a new kind of banner. Because there are so many of you, Justin improved Zheano Blog’s banner website! You can now pick from seven colourful banners! Of course you can still make yourself a banner with older templates if you want to.

Make a banner for free

You can make your new banner for free! Click the link below and enter your name, select the style of banner you want, and that’s it. You can now enjoy your new banner and set it on your social media!

Support us

We need your support! So make sure to share this with your friends and family! Have a nice day!

Make it yourself here:

banners_preview banners_testing-1 banners_testing-2 banners_testing-3 banners_testing-4 banners_testing

Make it yourself here:

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