Naterial – Wallpaper

After a long time I finally found a moment or two to create those simple but yet awesome wallpapers! I take some elements for those wallpapers for new updated material design website. I have also prepared new wallpapers for this weekend. So if you like this kind of style you are going to love them!

I’m sorry

I’m really sorry I haven’t posted any kind of new wallpapers for a while now, but I was busy with a startup and school so I didn’t find any time to design something for my blog. I know that not posting regularly is bad for my visitors and I’m really sorry about that. I will try to design and show you new stuff that I’m working on.

Not true black

Yes, those wallpapers don’t have true black colour for it’s background and that’s sucks if you have an AMOLED screen. I’m going to update the wallpapers to a true black so it’s going to look better on amoled displays. Have a nice day!

Download here:


Download here:





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