New times, new approach!

We had some problems with Zheano Blog last few weeks, mainly the servers it is hosted on. But it’s back! We are now on a new, three times faster server than before! After a little discussion, we have decided to “restart” Zheano Blog. This means, no older posts, and just a clean start. Of course, we are aware of the con with this: All the old wallpapers will be gone here too. But don’t worry!

It took courage.

We are still working on the site, so a few things will probably still change in the next few days or weeks. We are also going to work on social media accounts. And the best thing about the community: give us some feedback! We love to listen to you!

Yes, everything is gone!

But again, don’t worry. In the next few weeks we are going to re upload the best wallpapers that have been shared here. And in future, we’re going to upload only really high quality designs. Also, there are no more “projects” after this restart. Every single post will have new preview photos and a new title. A lot of things are going to change (maybe even the place where I store my designs), but we will see about that. We want to make Zheano Blog as user friendly as possible.

(Still) don’t worry!

I’m going to start re uploading new designs as soon as possible. So make sure to check out Zheano Blog’s social media. Have a nice day!



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