New times, new approach!

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  1. Jan-Lk Else says:

    Turn the worst thing (the server thing _police investigation_) and make the best out of it. A restart is always good, because now you have all the experience from the last year!

  2. CasperTFG says:

    Looking forward to the old and new walls.

  3. thebear says:

    More pink and blue!!! 👍 🐻

  4. EvoWizz says:

    Yes you’re back ! 🙂

  5. Chiranjeev Jain says:

    I really like the design of this all new website. But there’s just one thing that I (And I assume a lot more people) would like to change.

    Why do you not upload the wallpapers to your web server instead of Google Drive. Its just too much of navigation to come to your site and then go back to drive to download the wallpapers.
    I know you’d want to get statistical data which is why you use shortened links, but that can be done to your website as well. I personally think its just bad UX to make users navigate to so many places in order to download these awesome wallpapers. This is especially cumbersome when users visit your website from mobile as the shortened links do not open in the Drive app but the website.


  6. AlekhyaDas says:


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