On elementary OS Battery Icon Looks Good Unlike On macOS Big Sur

I’ve been using elementary OS for more than a year now. I had quite a few people approach me with the statement that my operating system looks like macOS, some even thought that it was macOS.

I don’t think that elementary OS has many similarities with MacOS even less now with the new macOS Big Sur update. Don’t get me wrong, I think that the new macOS Big Sur looks great although I don’t like some design changes, like that new battery icon.

I’ve Tweeted how battery icon indicators look like on elementary OS as a joke towards a new battery icon in macOS Big Sur. I’m so proud to use a well designed operating system like elementary OS is. I hope that more people find elementary OS or Linux, in general, more appealing thanks to a better design from the amazing developers like Daniel Foré, Cassidy James Blaede, and others.

The biggest similarity between macOS and elementary os came because of the gray system color and bottom centered dock. Since Big Sur’s new design language those two operating systems never looked more apart. I believe that people will still wonder what version of macOS I use, let’s just hope I can convince someone to switch to elementary OS.

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