Pixel 4 Forest Wallpapers

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Past few days were a rollercoaster in terms of our new content and Pixel 4 leaks. A few days after the Pixel 4 Forest Wallpapers were leaked I started recreating them since so many of you tweeted me or sent me a DM on different social media. However today there was a Pixel 4 Wallpaper apk leak which means all of my work is useless now right?

Live Wallpapers

Yes, there’s an apk that you can download and have the latest live Pixel 4 Wallpapers on almost any Android phone. That’s great. I’ve tried out the apk, and I like a lot of wallpapers in there. However, I soon I realized my recreated wallpapers weren’t that useless that I thought. All of these new Pixel 4 wallpapers are live wallpapers. That means that yes they change shape, form and look cool but in the long run they are not so friendly with the battery. I’ve also realized that I don’t like live wallpapers as much as I first thought. 

Download Wallpapers here: http://bit.ly/ZheanoPixel4ForestWallpapers

I Prefer Static Over Live

So yes, I like my static version better. Live wallpapers are great and are fun to look at, but after a while, they become gimmicky. I’ve tried other live wallpapers before, but I’ve never used one for more than a few days, I don’t like them. I get why some people love using live wallpapers, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I prefer static wallpapers although I will continue trying new live wallpapers coming with future Pixels.

Here’s a Tweet by Nick Nice. Before seeing this Tweet, I thought I was the only one feeling this way. It’s nice (pun intended) to see that more people are like me and prefer static wallpapers over their live versions.

So Here They Are

Currently, there are four wallpapers that you can download for free. I can say that these wallpapers look a bit strange at first, but I get used to them and now I like them a lot. I would suggest you to download one and check it out for yourself. All wallpapers are available for free, and you can download them using the links in this post. 

Download Wallpapers here: http://bit.ly/ZheanoPixel4ForestWallpapers

Forest Wallpapers

I just came up with this name while creating them and I started to like it a lot. There are two forest wallpapers, light and dark version so you can fit your Android 10 theme. I enjoy light version more; however, I usually use dark theme so yeah… You can pick whichever version you prefer more. The original name of this wallpaper is Leafy, so yeah I know that this wallpaper doesn’t represent forest however it just felt more natural to name it that way.

Rock Wallpapers

These are the other two wallpapers. The things in wallpapers look like rocks, so I decided to name them this way. I like this simple colour palette with those calm colours. The colours are probably one of the main reasons why I love these wallpapers so much. Rock Wallpapers, as well as Forest Wallpapers, have light and dark version. I like the dark version of Rock Wallpapers more, and it’s probably because of the blue and black colour combination that I like to much. The original name of this wallpaper is Rocky, so I didn’t miss out too much with the naming. 

Zheano Letter Exclusive

I would highly recommend subscribing to Zheano Letter since I’m going to make some more colourful wallpapers using these shapes. You can subscribe to Zheano Letter for free by clicking the button below. There are more than 200 subscribers, and we’ve already sent our first letter that was filled with content like wallpapers, apps and other exciting news. We won’t send next Zheano Letter for a couple of weeks since we want to fill it up with a lot of great content. 

Zheano Labs Published New App

We published a new app that is currently available for free on the Google Play Store. You can download for free using the button below. Make sure to read out the announcement post for more information. Learn more about this app here. 

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I’m glad that so many people are enjoying my content. I’ve been working hard for the past few weeks to bring you at lease something useful. I hope that I will be just as active in the future. Let me know what do you think about this post or any other in the comment section below. Don’t forget to subscribe to Zheano Letter and check out the new app! 

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