Plane – Wallpaper

I have been using this wallpaper so much while the website was down and I’m loving it! It’s so good, well designed and full of different textures that I really like!

Well designed!
I have designed many wallpapers but this one is really what a wallpaper should be. It’s full of different elements that are all connected together! It looks amazing as a wallpaper on small devices like our smartphones but it also looks great on bigger screens. There are so many different elements that connects in one to form this really awesome looking wallpaper.
Many textures!

As you probably already noticed I’m fan of a good looking textures. This wallpaper have multiple textures, from super light to really soft shadows that makes whole wallpaper gorgeous! I’m really happy to receive such a support from your guys! Have a nice day!

Download here:
Download here:

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