Scapeview – Wallpaper

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  • alfreduran

    Hey thanx for share Ur beautiful and minimalist wallpapers, luv it!

  • Sajed Haq

    Minimalist and beautiful 😍

  • thebear

    Love em. One of the best landscape walls i’ve seen in a while. Mowmo designs has some nice landscapes like this. Very nicely done. 👍 🐻

  • Aniket Bhattacharyea

    It’s one of my favorites

  • Enyel Paulino

    Wish I could design walls as great as yours

  • Waleed Mirza


  • Sara M

    Love the colors! 😍

  • YouNex

    Mountain landscape and minimalistic design, what a sweet combo !

  • Hunter Tyree

    My personal favorite wallpaper from you! Holy s**t, it looks really good!

  • all your wallpapers look great in blue!

  • Andrian Chaidir

    love this wallpaper

  • CasperTFG

    Way to go Cern. The Scapeview walls are sweet. Could we have more variants of this lie of walls. Like the first darker variant but orange instead of teal/blue?

    P.s. love the falling snow on the site.