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I was really inactive and I’m sorry about that. I have so many things going on that I don’t have enough time to design a new wallpaper. I’m feeling bad for not posting here for so long, but I will change that. As you probably already noticed, there are some new changes happening to the blog and I want to talk about them. The first thing you probably want to here is what is going to happen with posts?

About posting

As I mention above I didn’t have enough time to design new wallpapers, but now I do. I will start posting new wallpapers every two days. If you wonder why not every day, it’s because I still want to design and publish some quality designs. You will also see more KWGT widgets and icon designs. I’m going to listen to you and make as many as different styles of wallpapers as possible. Make sure to comment below what kind of wallpaper do you want to see next! By the way, new wallpapers are coming on Tuesday!

About ads

Yes, me and Justin decide to put some ads on my blog. Many websites have ads and I think that those won’t ruin your experience with Zheano Blog. If you are on a mobile device, you can see them at the bottom of the article or a page. On computer there is one at the side and one at the bottom. We don’t make a lot of money with them, but with this money we can pay for the servers. But please don’t spam with clicking the ads, make sure to only click on it if you like whatever is there and I’m sure everything is going to be fine.

About donations

We have decided to add a donation page. As I told you above we need to pay for the servers, and giving us a buck to spend on coffee (“Or a bottle of coke.” – Justin) is also nice. You can donate as much as you like, and for a small exchange you can join a special group on Telegram, and you will receive some exclusive content (which we try to make as often as possible). If you want you can donate here: DONATE 

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