Vavelistico – Wallpaper

Brand new wallpaper for you! I’m re posting my old wallpapers for quite a while now. I said a week ago that I will start posting brand new wallpapers once or twice a week (after a while even more frequently) but because I was busy with other stuff like school, outside projects and other I didn’t post brand new wallpaper last week. But I did even better job this week since this is an material designed wallpaper that looks awesome! You can try it out yourself.

Material design

I also found out that many people on Google + are searching for one of my wallpaper that wasn’t yet re uploaded. So quickly message to them! I will improve it and post is as soon as possible!

It’s coming

Ok that’s it! Make sure to try new wallpapers by clicking the link below! You can download new wallpapers in full resolution for free! Have a nice day!

Download here:


Download here:

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