WSW: Zheano Labs

As you probably already know my first app is on the way to the official release. The thing is that if you want to publish your app on the Google Play Store you need to pay 25$ fee. I would like you to help me out with small donations. I worked really hard on this new app and today I want to show you some previews of it! App currently has 47 wallpapers and I will be adding more in the future updates! I know that some of can’t donate because of whatever reasons but people who are going to donate more than 4$ will receive beta app in exchange. I don’t want to force you in donation and once the app is going to be available on the Google Play Store it’s going to be available for free and without ads.

Well, besides app there’s also new ‘sub company’ that I created called Zheano Labs. Zheano Labs are going contain more software based projects. One of them will be Arch Walls that you can already check as preview images on the link below. I’m also planning on creating more apps and websites for your use. If you have any questions make sure to comment below. Have a nice day!

Learn more and see new app:

Learn more:

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