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There’s this nice post on dist://ed, Mozilla’s blog, about enjoying the internet. Although I think it’s not a thorough blog post, there’s a point being made about finding your community on the internet.

Here’s the abstract from the blog post.

When the internet is at its best, it reminds us that we are not alone. Find your corners of the internet, your online community, that remind you how big and exciting the world is. For some that can look like a wild comment section, or a favorite Discord, an online class where you learn something new. Create a bookmark folder called ‘things to make me laugh’ so you can revisit these sites with ease. Less time on the internet is not the key to being happy, spending time doing things that feel enriching and exciting to you is. Schedule time on these platforms just like you would spending time with loved ones or taking care of yourself, if you don’t prioritize time on the good corners of the internet, no one else is going to do it for you.

Find The Community On The Internet

I think that finding and engaging in the internet community is extremely important. I still remember the golden Google + days and how much I learned and connected with people I still interact with to this day. I probably wouldn’t be here without the community behind Zheano Blog. I’m so grateful for that!

Starting to explore your interests can also help uncover other topics you might like. I think it’s really important to follow blogs that write about things you are interested in.

In the blogging community there’s this thing called a blogroll, a place where a blogger displays a list of their favorite blogs he or she follows. Here’s a great example of a blogroll from jlelse’s Blog. I think blogrolls are such a great way to find more interesting personal blogs to follow. I might do my own blogroll in the near future.

The more time we spend online, the more those communities and people we interact with online matter. I think almost everyone is already spending too much time scrolling through Twitter or Facebook and not enough time exploring and learning from the internet.


  1. Find your interests, hobbies on the internet
  2. Follow blogs, communities, but mostly real people
  3. Engage in online forums, private groups…

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