3 Best Free Ad Blockers For Safari On iOS

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In iOS 15 you can install browser extensions to Safari. Some of the extensions offer different content blocking methods to improve your experience online. With these 3 ad-blockers, you can now remove ads and trackers from your Safari browser.

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Here are my favorite three content blockers for Safari on iOS. Content blockers are stand-alone applications on your iPhone that communicate with Safari. Learn how to enable content blockers in Safari for iOS but first, you need to download some.


BlockBear works well in most cases and has some additional features. I believe BlockBear is the best option for most people.

Besides ad blocking, BlockBear has other features like blocking social media buttons and removing tracking. I found both of these two additional features quite good. You can also block custom fonts a website might use, but I don’t use that feature personally.

The app also features a whitelist functionality.

BlockBear is available totally for free. You can download it on the App Store.

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is probably the most popular choice. The app offers a simple interface with just two options – toggle to block ads and exceptions. It’s a very straightforward app that you will enjoy if you only need a simple ad-blocker.

Make sure to also turn off acceptable ads inside exceptions to have an ad-free experience. In my opinion, Adblock Plus is a better ad-blocker compared to BlockBear but doesn’t offer as many features.

Adblock Plus is available for free via the Apple’s App Store.

Hush Nag Blocker

Hush Nag Blocker is not an ab blocker, but still a very useful tool. The app removes all trackers and cookie permission popups from Safari. It’s a great app if you want a bit more privacy when browsing the web.

Check out Hush Nag Blocker for free.

I’ve been testing many different content blockers. I haven’t found any specific issues using the above-mentioned apps. I also haven’t seen any ads except for Google Search and YouTube (ad image).

These content blockers only work inside the Safari browser.

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