All Apple’s Spring Loaded Event Wallpapers

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Here are all Spring Loaded event wallpapers I could find. Before I give you all the wallpapers I want to write just a few of my impressions. I think this was a fun and fast-paced event. As you probably know, if you follow me on Twitter, I got myself a new MacBook. I decided to sell my iPad Pro, since I knew new iPads were coming, but I also needed the money for a new computer. I might write a review on my new M1 Mac, join us on Telegram so you don’t miss it.

A lot of people don’t like the design of the new iMac, especially its chin and white borders. Although I would probably never buy such a computer, since I need something more portable, the colors still look quite good. The iPad with M1 and 16GB of RAM is overkill, but I think Apple has some plans to put it to good use. The AirTags are ok, but nothing special, except for the integration with the Apple ecosystem.

Before I continue I have to acknowledge new Teal wallpapers by Andrei, exclusively on Zheano Blog. Check them out and download them for free!

iMac Wallpapers


iPhone 12 Purple Wallpaper

Wallpaper provided by AR7 on Twitter.


iPad Pro M1 Wallpapers


Hello Wallpapers

Desktop Download and Phone Download

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