Bitcoin And Elon Musk Facts

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A lot of people tend to focus on specific areas and judge based on biased data. Things can take a turn when you look from a different perspective. Here are Bitcoin and Elon Musk facts. Our current financial system works for the rich, that’s why I own Bitcoin.


  • Tesla and Space X receivedย $5 billionย in government aid source

  • Over 70% of Bitcoin mining is done using renewable energy source

  • Tesla’s Q1 Earnings were $438 million. $101 million (23%) of that came from selling bitcoin for profit โ€” would have been an earnings miss otherwise source

  • Norway’s ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ด Minister of Climate and the Environment, says he hodls Bitcoin source

If you’re wondering I also own Bitcoin. I’m well aware of the climate change problems, however, the financial freedom Bitcoin offers to 8 billion people around the world is unmatched. You can buy Bitcoin in many different ways, I useย Coinbase.ย Coinbase allows you to buy and store your Bitcoin in your Bitcoin wallet. I don’t care how you buy Bitcoin, but if you use my referral link we both get some free Bitcoin.

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In conclusion, I think I’m going to write more posts about Bitcoin. I think writing about Bitcoin will educate and maybe even convince some of my readers how powerful and different Bitcoin is. Bitcoin haters remember that this is a personal blog. If you’re interested in technology, you must learn more about Bitcoin. Stay humble and buy Bitcoin.

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