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Byte is a brand new social media platform from creators of Vine. Do you remember Vine? Byte goes off with the same premise as Vine with its 6 seconds looping videos. This article is something much more than a Byte review, its a preview of what social media looks like in 2020 and how is endless scrolling lined to modern addiction.

Disclaimer: Some statements in the article are opinionated.

Smartphones without apps are useless devices, but with them, they’re one of the essential tools of the 21st century. We use our smartphones all the time, and I don’t want to go too deep on this, but don’t we spend most of our time checking social media and consuming content?

And yes, Byte is another content consuming platform that is highly addictive. I don’t actually know how addictive Byte is; however, when something looks a lot like a slot machine, you can be pretty sure it has some addictive elements. I’ve tried Byte for the past couple of days, and I’m ok with it because of the community element, let me explain. Everyone on Byte is consuming AND creating content; this is a big difference from other social media. If you remember how strong community behind Vine was, you know what I’m talking about.

I found this interesting video, which is more about TicToc, David Dobrik, and “science experiments” than it is about Byte, but it got me thinking about this new way of creating content. It’s about how David Dobrik creates incredible storytelling with Nick Uhas’s experiments thanks to its visuals. In the video, this is called an “over the shoulder test” – you can watch it over the shoulder, without audio, and still find it interesting. It what made Tic Toc so popular, and you can find elements of the “over the shoulder test” in some Byte videos.

Byte is a new platform, and it has the potential to become much more significant than Vine, but the old kid on the block, Tictoc, already has a lot of steam. I never tried Tic Toc; however, there are a lot of people who love it, and I don’t see them jumping ships anytime soon.

Do you use Byte? You can add me on Byte @zanc . Make sure to comment below you opinion about Byte, don’t forget to also put your username so I can follow you.

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