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You’ve probably already seen the leaks about the Pixel 4A and to be honest, I’m impressed with it. But you’re probably here because of the wallpaper so let’s get to it. Before we dive in I would like to say that Zheano Blog’s content is available for free. We need money to pay for server and domain costs so if you enjoy the wallpapers make sure to donate. 


So here’s the wallpaper, actually three variants of it. We saw the “True Dark” version in the first leak we got a couple of days ago. “Sooo Purple” came with the latest leak. The third colorful variant is inspired by the orange color from the Pixel 4 and it’s my personal favorite. 

Download Wallpapers: http://bit.ly/Pixel4AWallpapers

About The Names

You probably noticed these really cool names like “True Dark”, “Sooo Purple” and “Deep Orange”. These names are inspired by the colors of previous generation Pixels and are NOT official names for these wallpapers. We have almost no information about these wallpapers up to this point. 

Live Wallpapers

This is just my speculation because of the simplistic look of the wallpapers. Changing color of the wallpaper based on the theme is currently only available for live wallpapers and because of the current leaks I can assume that these are live wallpapers. Again, I have no proof or any other information about the wallpapers and this is all just based around the known facts. 

Bad Size

I tried my best to test these wallpapers with a couple of devices thanks to my fans on Telegram. The wallpapers worked fine on most devices, if you have any problem with the wallpapers make sure to mention it in the comments below, I would love to take a look. 

Download Wallpapers: http://bit.ly/Pixel4AWallpapers

Not A Perfect Recreation

I would also like to mention that recreating these wallpapers from such low quality leaks can be a big challenge. These wallpapers are different from the original and I will try to keep them updated when more leaks come out. I know that these new wallpapers might look strange on some phones and I hope you can understand that I can’t make a perfect fit for every device. 

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