Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event

Welcome to Zheano Blog’s LIVE coverage of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked Event.


  • event just started
  • Rebeca is starting the event, I don’t know who Rebeca is but she looks cool
  • Galaxy Z Flip is a thing
  • Galaxy Z Flip has ultra thin “glass”
  • Galaxy Users get YouTube premium for free (probably just new users)
  • hide-away hinge on Galaxy Z Flip
  • Galaxy Z Flip Feb. 14 – 1380€
  • Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20 is all about 5G and “AI”
  • Shoot 8K videos using Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra for Pro’s, better camera with ultra zoom
  • The event is streamed by S20 cameras
  • Someone from Netflix is talking at the Samsung event about their partnership
  • Samsung wants to create a better product integration with Netflix for better viewing experience, with exclusive content only available for Samsung users
  • Gaming partnership with Xbox
  • Galaxy Buds+ and partnership with Spotify
  • Galaxy Buds+ for 149€
  • Google Duo will be more integrated with S20 devices

This is not the first time that I’m live-blogging; however, I’m relatively new to this concept, so don’t mind some mistakes. I will cover more significant announcements in today’s event, but I will try to bring my opinion about the announcements. The post will get updated once every 5-15 minutes, so remember to refresh the site.

Latest Photos From The Event

Quick Opinions

  • a lot of things presented today have been leaked months before the event
  • are people really taking so much selfies?
  • let’s hope that “hide-away” hinge is any better than on the Galaxy Fold
  • again we know almost everything about the Galaxy S20
  • Galaxy S20 and “AI” – please explain
  • 8K “eco-system” what?
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra is only for PRO’s right?
  • Galaxy S20 and S20 Ultra looks dope
  • Ok that zoom is amazing
  • Quality of the stream is really good, and it’s all done with the S20 cameras, that’s awesome
  • They started to talk about Bixby… Why?
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Wallpapers Found

Gallery of wallpapers possibly featured in the latest Samsung products.

Live Video

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Galaxy Unpacked Wallpapers

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