Google Pixel 4a For $349 Undercutting iPhone SE

Google introduced Pixel in 2016 to start a more premium lineup of their smartphones. A lot of people didn’t like Google’s new phones because of their premium price and killing Nexus, developer-friendly smartphones running pure Android. Google released the first A model with Google Pixel 3 and it’s been Google’s most sold smartphone. 

Apple just announced a new iPhone SE, an iPhone 8 body with a 2020 chipset for $399. The pricing is great, especially coming from Apple. In my opinion, this kind of pricing will hurt Android’s midrange sales a lot.

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With this aggressive pricing, Google can undercut Apple and gain a lot of new users. Google’s Pixel 4a will cost $349 for a 128GB model. Extremely good price for a device with the best smartphone camera. If you want to learn more about the Pixel 4a Double Exposure Demo you can read the whole article here.

Stephen from 9to5google has a pretty good track record in terms of leaks, but a lot of things can change until the release, so don’t get your hopes up. However, this pricing is extremely interesting considering that we’re talking about a 128GB model. In my opinion, there is a 64GB model which will cost even less. My guess is anything between $249 and $299 and that sounds crazy low.

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