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Welcome to the first  “episode” of Lovely Apps. This is a new thing that we are doing here on Zheano Blog. In my opinion, I should give out more information about what kind of icon packs, widgets etc. I’m using since I think that could be really interesting. I want to talk about apps and services that I love using and even “review” some of the new apps that seem interesting to me. If you want to learn more about LA, click here.

Today I want to talk about this fairly new icon pack created by the well-known developer and designer Patryk Goworowski. He has created some really interesting icon packs in the past but I’ve been using this one for a few weeks now and I love it!

Well, you should know that this new icon pack is still under the “Unreleased” tag so it’s in early stages of development. Don’t expect all of your favorite apps to be themed. In my experience, Patryk did a really good job of theming the most important and popular apps first. He said that the app will receive more updates and we can expect a paid version of the app in the following months. Neither the release date nor the price is known yet.

Minty Icon Pack is an icon pack with vivid colors and soft shadows. I fell in love with them since I first used them. The icons are complex and inspired by the material design guidelines. I can’t say whether everyone will enjoy this icon pack as much as I do but even if I remove my personal preference I can still easily say that this icon pack is well designed with a lot of interesting elements that grabs your attention.

As I have mentioned before, I’ve been using Minty Icon Pack for a few weeks and in that period I really didn’t get bored of them. Since this is still a really early version, we can expect a lot of icons coming soon as weekly updates. I really can’t wait for the paid version, not just to get more icons but also to support the developer for his work!

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App currently includes two wallpapers that look really good with the icons. I can suggest using the Zheano Blog’s wallpapers, some of them fit really well with the icon pack. I can suggest Poly, Jeta, Firs. I’m sure in the future, Patryk will add more wallpapers to the icon pack.

With the newest update, this icon pack has 377 icons and I’m sure weekly updates are going to improve that number. Icons in this icon pack really “pop out” and I’m a big fan of this kind of style. I would suggest that if you have a launcher that supports icon packs, to try this icon pack out. It’s available on the Play Store for free.

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