Geto – Wallpapers

There’re four different wallpapers available for you this week! I have a lot of fun making these wallpapers but I have some problems with them. They are more like illustrations than wallpapers since they won’t fit well as wallpaper. You can try them out and you will see the issue that I’m talking about. Using this wallpaper makes […]

Rust – Wallpapers

I’m back at home! It was a blast being on 14-day holiday at the seaside. I’m going to work a bit harder this week so you may expect more exclusive content updates. Today’s wallpapers are really something simple and different than usual. I’m really happy to see so many people coming to my website and downloading my wallpapers. […]

Fin – Wallpaper

It’s been a hot and not so productive week. I’m still on ‘holidays’ by the seaside here in Croatia. It’s very nice here but super hot. The biggest problem of being unproductive is a bad internet connection. It’s awful and most of the time doesn’t even work. When it does, it’s super slow and unreliable. I know that […]

Hona – Wallpapers

Well, I’m super into doing stuff and this week has been plain crazy. First of all, I have so much work on my personal projects and Android Circle launch. On Friday I also have an even in Ljubljana with my startup team! And yesterday was a traveling day to Croatia… So I’m on Korčula for the next 14 […]

Nakos – Wallpaper

Yesterday I was in Florence for Aerosmith concert! I absolutely loved it. Since I didn’t have a lot of time to creating something really unique I decided to create another wallpaper to fit one icon pack. In this case, the wallpaper is based of Unicorn Dark – Icon Pack. I really like the style and colors of this wallpaper […]

Liguo – Wallpaper

For this week’s project, I wanted to make something a bit different. Well, there are 4 different colorful wallpapers that you can download from the link below. They are all in really good quality so it can take some time to download them. It was really easy to make them but I’m not really satisfied with the results. […]

Roma – Wallpaper

I’ve been in Rome and some other Italian cities last 4 days. It was really nice and I’ve learned a lot about Italian history and culture. I can’t wait to go back to Italy since food and landscapes there are just amazing! Well since I didn’t have time to design new wallpapers I use this photo that I took […]

Iros – Wallpaper

I’m really satisfied with this week’s wallpapers and I’m finally really happy with the wallpapers that I’m designing. Well, you have probably already registered but if you haven’t make sure you do here. If you create your own profile you get plenty of benefits, learn more about exclusive content and what else you get here. One of the […]

Adopta – Wallpaper

For this weekend’s wallpaper, I worked really hard. Since one of the coolest looking icon packs called Curvy icon pack which is based on Google’s adoptive icon scheme I created 4 wallpapers that will match with this icon pack. Creator of Curvy icon pack is also my friend so those wallpapers might be also available in his icon […]

Gredo – Wallpapers

Another week, new wallpapers. Maybe you have heard that I have been working on Zheano Blog 3.0. Well currently I have so many things going on that I hardly have any time left for it but I’m trying to make it happen. So this week’s wallpapers are really simple and clean. That’s because I didn’t have enough time to […]

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